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"I’d had counselling before but it didn’t seem to make any impact. With Jo it was a totally different experience. She listened, explained and challenged me, helping me to work through feelings of anxiety that have at times led to depression. Jo’s wise perspective and knowledge helped me to understand and control my thinking and with her support I’ve made other changes to my life that have left me feeling much more balanced and happy." S (Ewell)

"I sought Jo's assistance after an extremely emotional and traumatic chain of events. Having spent the last year and a half working with Jo, I can honestly say that she has changed my life. Jo's patience, demeanour, professionalism and expertise are second to none. The constant adaptation of her style, language and methods used in the sessions were a reflection of my understanding and progress. I could not recommend her highly enough - Jo is an absolute credit to her profession. Thank you Jo for helping me to get my life, myself and my sparkle back. I could not have done it without you. I genuinely feel like the strongest version of myself so far. Things will always happen in life - it's just that now I have what I need to work through it without being defeated by it." K. (Fetcham) March 2016.

"Without your support, guidance and wisdom I would not be here today. You have helped me to become a more balanced and emotionally intelligent person - thank you doesn't seam to cover the gratitude I feel." L. (Bookham)

"I am not sure whether I would have come through the last year without Jo's help. When I first met Jo I was in a very dark place. She brought me back from the brink. She is empathetic and understanding, a fantastic listener, and provides sound practical and emotional advice. With her guidance, I am now confident that I can deal better with the trials and tribulations that a demanding professional work and busy home life bring. My family and I are so grateful for her kindness and perspective, something easily lost when in the midst of illness. There are bound to be potholes and troughs along the way, but I know I can always rely on Jo if I need assistance. Thank you Jo, from the bottom of my heart, I will always be thankful." K (Carshalton)

"When I met Jo, I was finding it hard to work, see my friends, sleep or even eat. Jo showed me the way to overcome my issues and gain a greater understanding and acceptance for who I am. The techniques and knowledge she gave to me have left me secure in who I am and confident to live a fulfilled life." D (Worcester Park)

"I've benefitted hugely from our sessions, they've been a real help to me, I'm now feeling more positive and less anxious. Thank you again for your help, you were very professional and easy to talk to." L (Sutton)

"I was reluctant to see Jo and address the thoughts and issues that were acting like a yo-yo in my head, but on our first encounter Jo made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She provided an open and honest environment where I could ponder and reflect on past events that lead me to behavioural characteristics I adopt today. Over the course of three months I was able to take a methodical approach to my thoughts, aknowledge why I felt certain feelings in situations and was provided with the tools I needed to manage and take control of my actions. I’m forever grateful for the time Jo committed to me; I learnt a lot more about my self than I thought possible and am definitely a better person for it!" G. (Ewell)

"Everything I say here is a testament to your extremely high professionalism and it is meant sincerely - I found your sessions to be extremely valuable to my recovery. I always felt that you provided a calm space to talk about problems in my life and brought common sense to a very irrational state of mind. Thank you for excellent listening skills and your ability to make me feel at ease so quickly. I will recommend you to anyone I can." A.(Bookham)

"Jo helped me explore my feelings in an accepting and safe environment. I was very comfortable talking about my problems and you gave me strategies and encouragement to help improve things. As a result I was able to make positive changes in my life. I feel I have more internal resources to deal with everyday problems." C. (Epsom)

"I was in a dark place for the first time in my life. Working with Jo helped me to open up and talk about my true emotions in a safe non-judgemental environment. She gave me the tools to successfully address the issues in my life and get back to being me again." M. (Sutton)

"Thanks so much for everything. It really has been such a release to come and 'let it all out' with someone who values my every thought, and deems them as important, even if they feel silly. I have been able to broaden my way of looking at things, which I have found of huge use (and of huge interest - the human mind is pretty fascinating!)." L. (Reigate)

"My thoughts are that it was very helpful to be able to talk through my main anxieties each week. I have acquired some very useful strategies which I’m trying to put into practice regularly. The counselling was sympathetic but also challenging and informed by personal experience. I would not hesitate to book up again if I needed to, and to recommend you to others who might benefit from CBT-based counselling." K. (Cheam)

"I wanted to thank you for your guidance over the past months. I know I've gained so much from being able to talk things through with you. I am in a good place and definitely feel that there are some things that will have changed permanently. My sense of self, self confidence and trust within my own thoughts and feelings has improved immensely - thank you for helping me get there." C. (Epsom)

"Your approach was really helpful and appreciated and helped me through an unexpectedly difficult time."L. (Cheam)

"Jo has been my light at the end of a very long tunnel for me. She helped turn around my perspective on life at a very low period when I had many pressures from a work and personal perspective. She helped to rebuild me back to the strong, confident person that I had been - but with a more balanced outlook and perspective on life. Most importantly Jo did this in a way which is sustainable for me.". N. (Epsom)

"Jo helped me to put everything into perspective, she helped me realise and understand why I felt the way I did and with that taught me a number of life lessons. She made me confident in my own abilities and I now feel more comfortable taking on challenges that I would have tried to avoid in the past." A. (Epsom)

"A big thank you for all your help and support in working through some of my anxieties and worries. Talking to you helped me to iron out some deep down memories that needed to be worked through that seam to have crept up again in my 30's.... you have made such a big impact by talking and listening. Your techniques helped me understand my anxieties more and now help me cope....I see life in a different way." M. (Cheam)

"When I arrived on your doorstep I was a nervous wreck. I am now calmer, happier and more confident than I have been in years and I have you to thank for that." C. (Sutton)

"Jo has been of enormous help to me. She took time to understand my problem and really listened to what I was saying. She helped me understand how and why I reacted to situations as I did and guided me to understand a much better way of handling life." J. (Surrey)

"I have spent many years in therapy with various counsellors. Due to tragic personal circumstances, I was forced to find a new therapist. I consider myself honoured to have found Jo Atkins. She is a professional through and through. I have learned more about myself than with any other counsellor and I can truly say she has changed my life. I feel strongly that she has a special talent and I thank her so much." A. (Worcester Park)

"Everyone needs someone to listen to them and Jo was just the right person to do it. She has a kind understanding gift to let the sessions flow naturally with subtle guidance and encouragement. It has been an amazing journey of self realisation and I will forever be grateful to Jo for helping me on my way. Thank you." M. (Epsom)

"I owe Jo a big 'thank you' because she has not only shown great insight and empathy during our sessions but has given me useful strategies to take me from 'Rock Bottom' to a place of confidence and self assertiveness." D. (Epsom)

"Thank you does not appear enough to fully convey my grateful appreciation to you for your understanding guidance and wise words. I will never forget how you pulled me back from taking the final step into a bottomless abyss and back into a place of hope." T. (Sutton)

"Jo helped me to put each of my issues into perspective by working through them and looking at things in a different way. I now feel that I can put some things behind me whilst on others I have a clearer direction of how to move forward. I feel that Jo really listened to what I wanted to talk about and offered inpartial advice and guidance. Thank you Jo." J. (Epsom)

"As you were of great help to me and we talked about my wedding, I just wanted to let you know that I am now married and it was the best day of my life. I wanted to say thank you for all your help – I am getting there – and on the day itself I was calmer than I ever imagined I would be. Thank you." A. (Epsom)

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